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We all want that toned and slim summer body because it makes us feel confident, beautiful, and healthy.

But for us— especially women— the struggle is long and difficult.

You’ve probably thought to yourself, “I should start working out.”

But where should you even begin?

Home or gym? Dumbbells or barbells?

There are simply so many different programs and workouts to choose from.

Even after you finally start, progress seems slow and all effort seems to be in vain.

After a while, you start to slack off.

From working out 3 to 4 times a week, down to once a week…

Then just once a month.

All because you lack a sense of direction and motivation.

You’ve considered hiring a coach, but that’s pretty expensive.

You start questioning your goals: fat loss, fitness, health and confidence…

Maybe they’re all just pipe dreams after all…

What if things were different?
What if there was a way to achieve the body of your dreams WITHOUT breaking the bank!
Is this even possible?

Trusted by over

+ Females
who have transformed their lives with NULI!

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“I am a mom with a full time job.

Using Nuli app makes me feel so motivated because there are a lot of great workouts and I feel secure and united with all the women in the Nuli FB community!

I am really busy everyday. So using Nuli is great because it saves me a lot of time since I don’t need to think about what to train. I just simply follow the plan.

I also really enjoy using the healthy recipes in the app. Totally improved my diet choices!

I have felt so much more energy and happier over the past few weeks!

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“I just wanted to say OMG THANK YOU!!!

I truly enjoy using every program in the app and it motivates me to workout everyday!

Before using Nuli, I was always on my phone the entire evening after getting off from work.

But now it’s different. I am starting to build the
habit of working out every night after work. ”

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“I am a full time stay at home mom with two kids.
After my second kid was born, My weight went up to 72kg.

It wasn’t until I started to use Nuli that I could finally stop looking for random workout videos online or wasting my money doing random workouts at a gym!

I truly enjoy using their workout programs, yoga stretching and healthy recipes. With Nuli FB community, I know I am not alone. ”

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“Other than the workout programs, I really look forward to the daily quick workouts and weekly challenges.

I also love seeing everyone trying to lift each other up through sharing and giving suggestions in the Nuli FB community. It feels really touching and it motivates me to keep on moving forward. ”

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“I have built a workout habit by joining the Nuli 8 Week Challenge.

I also started to change the way I eat by consuming wholesome nutritious food.

You need to believe that all the effort you put in for yourself will be paid off. Whether you see your body changing fast or slow, as long as you are moving forward each day, you will notice the improvement!”

Nuli app contains everything you need to slim down, build lean muscle, and…

Not only that, but new programs and content are regularly added to the app so you can finally stop your never-ending search for new workout videos to follow!

So What’s It Gonna Be?
You have to ask yourself…

where do YOU want to be
in 8 short weeks from today?

Are you…

Or are you…

Do you want TOTAL TRANSFORMATION the easy way…? Or do you want to keep running into walls and living with regret?

The choice is YOURS.

+ females
have made the choice to
transform their lives with NULI!
have made the choice to
transform their lives with NULI!


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It really depends on you. We have programs ranging from 20 minutes to an hour.
No, we have many programs you can do from the comfort of your home.
Just like all gyms, NULI uses a subscription model because fitness and health require commitment. More importantly, your subscription guarantees you access to the latest content that we regularly update into the app!

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