Finding Your Perfect Training Schedule: A Comprehensive Overview of Beginner and Advanced Classes | Nuli Complete Classes Introduction and Comparison

How to Choose the Right Training Schedule? Consider the Following Points:

  1. Previous Exercise Experience and Physical Ability
  • Nuli’s programs are categorized into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels based on their difficulty. If you have limited experience with plyometrics and are unfamiliar with many of the movements, we recommend choosing the beginner level. Additionally, if you have some past experience but have taken a break from exercising, the Beginner’s Plan can help you ease back into a regular exercise routine and gradually return to an appropriate level of intensity.
  • If the Beginner’s schedule feels too easy for you, you can progress to the Intermediate schedule. The Intermediate program offers a significant increase in exercise volume, variety of movements, and intensity. Generally, it is advisable to train for at least 6 months before moving on to the intermediate level.
  • When selecting a plan, consider not only whether you can complete a single day’s workout but also if you can consistently follow the program for several weeks. Choosing a schedule that is too challenging might allow you to complete the first day, but your body may not recover adequately, making it difficult to complete subsequent days. This not only affects your exercise routine but also increases the risk of injury.

2. Frequency and Duration of Training

  • Apart from difficulty, the frequency and duration of the program are crucial factors to consider. How much time are you willing to dedicate to exercise, and how many days a week can you commit to working out?
  • For beginners or those who have not established stable exercise habits, it is advisable to start conservatively. If you are not accustomed to regular plyometric training, factors such as recovery ability, mindset, and motivation might fluctuate.

Prioritize establishing a habit of regular exercise when starting your fitness journey, and gradually progress to longer and more intense workouts.

  • If you lack a stable exercise habit and struggle with motivation, you might be able to convince yourself to do a 10-minute plan, but a 30-40-minute plan could be more challenging. For your first or second schedule, it is recommended to choose a program that you are confident you can complete regularly.
  • 3x a Week vs. 5x a Week?
    If you have a busy schedule or family commitments, opting for a three-times-a-week program is a suitable choice. Even if you cannot complete a full 5-week program, you can still follow a core program or focus on strengthening weaker areas. The three-week program provides more flexibility in scheduling.

However, if you have ample time available and are committed to sticking to the program diligently, you can try a five-week schedule for a more intensive workout regimen.

Choose a Schedule Based on Your Training Level and Goals.

Recommended Schedule for Beginners: Manual Training Schedule

  • According to the Nuli App backend data, beginner fitness users can start with the unarmed workout schedule in this order: 【7-minute quick start guide】【Bodyweight low impact】and 【Beginner bodyweight home sculpt】.
  • Once you have completed the beginner unarmed workout plan, you can move on to the advanced “home workout plan” series, including :【Beginner home sculpt】 series,【High intensity home guide】, 【May power at home】.

Recommended schedule for beginners:

  • According to the logic of Nuli App course design, you can follow this order:
    【CSL 21 days】. 【Beginner weight training】. 【Functional cross training 1.0】

If you are looking for a goal-oriented fitness program, focus on “abs, waist,” “hip lift,” and “back line”:

  • Want to build a peachy butt? You can try 【Beginner hip home sculpt】, 【Booty Challenge】.
  • Want to complete the chin-ups? Make your upper body look more toned? 【Pull-Up power】 Series
  • Prefer functional training? Want to challenge your strength and cardio?【 Functional cross training】 Series

Nuli Beginner Class Overview

Nuli Intermediate Class Overview

Nuli Advanced Class Overview

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