12% Discount FAQ2-2


I currently have a subscription from the website
but has cancelled the renewal.

  • How do I use this discount code?


Go to Nüli Website-My Account and login into your account.
Please note you must login with the exact same method used in the app (email/Google/Facebook/Apple) or else it will not work.

If you are unsure which method you used to login to the app, please contact us.


Tap [Renew Subscription] at the bottom of the page, then click on [🎁 Apply CNY88] button.


Choose a subscription plan and the discount code “CNY88” will apply automatically. Check and make sure the discount has been successfully applied, then tap [Next].


Enter your payment information and tap [Next] to complete the transaction.
Note, you will NOT be charged right away. At the end of your current subscription, your credit card will then be charged.


Once you go to your account dashboard, you will see the discount shown on the next billing, means you have successfully claimed the promo code.🙌

You can also find the below info:
▸ Next billing date
▸ The credit card you’re using

  • Does this discount code only apply to my first subscription, or every subscription renewal in the future?
As long as you claim the discount code on the website between 12am Monday, 1/30 to 11:59pm Friday, 2/3, the discount code will be applied to every subscription renewal in the future.